Our Growers

Our produce is grown in the bountiful soils of Honduras, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, and Peru and nearby regions, where our farmers guarantee the optimal development of each product. The combination of these soils, our growers’ expertise, their equipment’s cutting-edge technology and sustainable farming are the perfect mix to generate the flavors and textures that you will find at Vega.

Here at Vega we are serious about quality assurance. “Quality from the ground up” is our main purpose and we fulfill it by creating long-lasting relationships with growers that nurture their produce into perfection. They are passionate and skilled individuals striving to provide the best of nature.

Our specialty produce are: Snow Peas, Sugar Snaps, Asian, Gourmet Vegetables, Baby Veggies and Tropical Fruits.

Sustainable agricultural practices are our way to repay nature for the abundance it provides us.