Fuzzy Squash

Nutrition Facts: 

Serving size  2/3 cup (85g)
Amount per serving
Calories    10
Calories from Fat    0
Total Fat    0 g
Cholesterol    0 mg
Sodium    0 mg
Total Carbs    3 g
Dietary Fiber    0 g
Sugars    0 g
Protein    1 g
Vit A    0%    
Vit C   2%
Calcium   15%  
Iron  0%

Although fuzzy squash resembles a large, hairy zucchini in its shape and a yellow squash in its color, it is not a squash but a gourd, and is related to winter melon. Fuzzy Squash has a thick skin covered in small white hairs. The skin is edible but the hairs should be removed, most people peel the skin away. Fuzzy Squash may be sliced , cubed for stir frying or used in soups.

Dominican Republic  

Who uses it?
Asian consumers, specially Chinese.


Fun Fact
The chinese feel that fuzzy squash is best when paired with richly flavored ingredients like pork, shrimp and mushroom stuffing.


Year Round

-Fuzzy Squash Bread
-Chicken and fuzzy squash soup