Habanero Orange

Nutrition Facts: 

Serving size  1/2 cup
Amount per serving
Calories    15
Calories from Fat    0,9
Total Fat    0.1 g
Cholesterol    0 mg
Sodium    0 mg
Total Carbs    3.5 g
Dietary Fiber    0.6 g
Sugars    0 g
Protein    0.7 g
Vit A    -
Vit C   -     
Calcium    -
Iron   -

Habanero orange chiles are slower to germinate than other habanero varieties but the wait is worth it; the orange variety is 40 times hotter than a regular Jalapeno pepper. It is extremely hot, one of the spiciest in the world; used for making hot sauces. This variety is believed to have originated in the Yucatan.

Habanero Orange is 1 to 1.5 inches long and it rates around 200,000-300,000 scoville units. (Heat measurement scale).


Who uses it?
Latin America  and North America.


Fun Fact
Habaneros are believed to have originated in Cuba , hence the name habaneros, which means "from Hav ana" or "Havana-like".


Year Round

-Roasted Pineapple  Salsa