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Long Squash

Nutrition Facts

Serving size 1/2 cup (66g)
Amount per serving
Calories    15
Calories from Fat    0
Total Fat    0 g
Cholesterol    0 mg
Sodium    0 mg
Total Carbs    3 g
Dietary Fiber    1 g
Sugars    1 g
Protein    1 g

Vitamin A       0%
Vitamin C   8%
Calcium    2%
Iron    2%

Long Squash


Product Description

Long squash is often considered to be of African decent but it is also common in Europe and Asia. The long squash is very similar to zucchini and it is grown in warm climates. The outer skin can go from yellow to green while the inner flesh is firm textured, white in color and contains seeds. The long squash has a mild flavor which becomes increasingly bitter as it matures. When allowed to grow in larger sizes, it is often used as a container, hence the alternate name of “bottle gourd.”

Origin: Dominican Republic, Honduras, USA
Availability: Year-Round