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Nutrition Facts 

Serving size (100 g)
Amount per serving
Calories    71
Calories from Fat    7
Total Fat    1 g
Cholesterol     0 mg
Sodium    10 mg
Total Carbs    16 g
Dietary Fiber    6 g
Sugars    9 g
Protein    2 g
Vitamin A    6%
Vitamin C   73%
Calcium    6%
Iron   5%



Product Description

Kumquats are known as: “the little gold gems of the citrus family”. They are believed to be native of China. They have a very distinctive taste and are one of the only citric fruits that may be eaten with its skin. The peel is very sweet and can even be eaten separately. The Kumquat pulp contains the juice, which is sour. When eaten together, you will enjoy a magnificent sweet and sour taste.

Origin: U.S.
Availability: November – March