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Nutrition Facts 

Serving size 1 fruit
Amount per serving
Calories    32
Calories from Fat    0
Total Fat    0.1 g
Cholesterol    0 mg
Sodium    0 mg
Total Carbs    8.4 g
Dietary Fiber    0 g
Sugars    0 g
Protein    0.2 g

Vitamin A   -%
Vitamin C   27.5%
Calcium   0.7%
Iron  3.44%



Product Description

Sweet, delicious Persimmon fruits look like an orange tomato. If eaten before it ripens, it has a very bitter taste. The Japanese persimmon has become the dominant variety sold in the U.S. but it did not originate in Japan. It is a native of China and was later introduced in Japan. There are hundreds of varieties of Persimmon but only two are commercially available.

Origin: Chile, U.S.
Availability: Year-Round