About Us

Vega Produce is a young and vibrant company dedicated to importing, packing, and distributing specialty produce. We are very passionate about produce. As a result, we search the entire globe to provide you the best quality gourmet-fresh vegetables and fruits. Our desire to bring you every flavor, texture, aroma, color and shape possible has taken us to the most exotic places for an out-of-this-world tasting experience.

Our History

Vega’s team is an eclectic group of smart, resourceful and hard-working individuals who each bring different cultural backgrounds, experience and extensive training to the table. Our staff is continuously growing and it is selected to provide you with top service that can only be matched by our passion for excellence. Continuous training and education are part of our commitment to the service you deserve.

Located in the sunshine state; Vega Produce has the advantage of being situated in a major center of commerce, culture and international trade. Our strategic location is in the close vicinity of Miami International Airport and the port of Miami, which are among the nation’s busiest ports of entry. More importantly, we are at the largest gateway between the United States and Latin America.

Our Mission

Vega Produce started with the vision of a young risk-taker to change and shape the supply chain of perishable products. Having provided financial services to produce wholesalers, he saw the need to organize the processes that consolidate their distribution chains. All of this in order to promote strong communication systems and to make this information available to consumers.

Our Vision

Vega Produce sees an impressive growth potential in the industry of specialty produce. As a leader in the supply of gourmet products, we want to reach consumers in every location and give them any particular product.  All of this, regardless of order size. More importantly, we want to promote the use of gourmet products in consumer’s everyday recipes, encouraging diversity and healthy eating habits.