Frequently Asked Questions

Freshness Guaranteed

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the freshness and quality of our products, and that they will be delivered to your home within any applicable: use by, sell by, best by, or expiration dates.

How does Happy Vega Box work?

Pretty simple. You order either a Mini Happy Vega Box or a Super Happy Vega Box full of exotic, healthy produce. We fill it up with our fruits, veggies, and more. You get a box once a month.

Where do you deliver?

We currently deliver to all United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

How do I know which Happy Vega Box is right for me?

It depends largely on how often you cook. Our Super Happy Vega Box offers a larger quantity of items, as well as a few extra pieces that you won’t find in the smaller version. The weight of our boxes vary depending on what fruits and vegetables are in season. Nonetheless, our Mini Happy Vega Box is right for 1-2 people and our Super Happy Vega Box is for 4-5 people.

How do I place my order? How long will it take to get to me?

First, select the products you’d like and add them to your cart.

Once your order is placed, you’ll get a confirmation email that we’ve received your order. This indicates that the order has been sent to our fulfillment center and is currently being processed by our team. Your order will typically ship out within 1-2 business days of ordering and, once shipped, will be delivered within 1-2 business days.

You’ll receive a shipping email with tracking information the night before it’s ready to go out, so don’t worry if you haven’t heard anything for up to a week after placing your order. You can always log in to your Vega Produce account to see the status of your order or email us at [email protected]

Do you deliver to P.O. boxes?

Due to the perishable nature of our products, as well as the limited receiving hours at U.S.P.S. offices, we strongly discourage shipping to P.O. We suggest shipping to your home or work, or to a friend or neighbor’s address if possible.

What days of the week do you deliver?

We deliver each week Monday through Thursday.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards for all online purchases.

What happens if my payment fails?

If your payment fails during checkout, you will see an error message on your screen. If a recurring payment fails, you will receive an email alerting you of the error. To resolve this, simply update the payment method in your account.

Can I choose what’s in my Happy Vega Box?

Customization is an awesome feature and one that we hope to introduce down the road. That said, many customers find the surprise and delight of the mix is part of the experience. We often hear that trying out new foods helps customers become more creative in the kitchen. When they come across something that’s not their favorite, they usually give it to a friend, family member, or co-worker.

I have allergies. Can you omit certain items from my box?

We do our best to keep in mind severe food allergies and critical health restrictions. Once you’ve placed your order, please send us an email at [email protected] with your order number. We will note your allergy in your account and make every effort to accommodate this restriction. Please note, however, that as we adapt our packing and fulfillment procedures to our growth, we are not yet able to guarantee that allergens will be excluded from orders. We suggest that customers with life-threatening allergies sign up for our email newsletter so we can advise when we’re able to guarantee total exclusion of allergens.

What should I do if one of my products is damaged or missing?

This is definitely not acceptable, and we apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact Customer Care so we can make this right ASAP. You must take photos of the damaged products once your order arrives to help you process the claim.

Can I skip a subscription delivery or pause my subscription?

If you’re traveling or need to take time off, it’s easy to skip future orders. Log into your account and click Manage Subscription, find the delivery you don’t want, then click on Skip Delivery. Once the order is skipped, you’ll know it took effect because you’ll see a message that says Success! Charge was skipped at the top of your account page. Clicking Unskip will put that order back into rotation and ensures it will be fulfilled. You can resume deliveries for any skipped dates by clicking Unskip Delivery; you’ll see the notification Success! Charge was un-skipped to know that your delivery is back on schedule. You can also pause your subscription anywhere from one to six months. In your account, click Manage Subscription, click the Pause Subscription button, and select the length of the break you’d like to take. Hit Confirm Pause and you’ll see the notification Success! Your subscription has been paused. Unskip charges at any time to resume. To resume your subscription, simply click Resume Subscription.

Why do you use bags to contain the produce?

We try to minimize the use of bags, however, in some instances it’s necessary to protect more sensitive items. When they’re packed more compactly together, they’re more likely to be protected. If the food is loose, it often gets banged around during transit until it’s inedible, which is at odds with our mission. We’ll do our best to make sure you can reuse as many bags as you can, or better yet, not use any bags when possible.

How can I cancel a subscription?

Hopefully, you love us so much that you’ll never want to cancel. Realistically, we know things come up. Log into your account and cancel your subscription at any time with no penalty or fees by clicking on Manage Subscriptions. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Cancel button. You can also skip your box or pause your box for up to six months if you are traveling or just need a break. Please note that canceling your subscription will prevent any future charges being made to your account and any further orders from being processed. This action will not cancel an order that has already been processed.