Food Safety in Farms

Certified Packinghouse

At Vega Produce, we are a Primus GFSi packinghouse, which provides greater flexibility to meet your needs. We have a strong food safety focus, with continuous employee training on handling, repacking, storing, and shipping our products. Standard operating procedures across all operational units are tailor made to ensure we exceed all food safety handling requirements under Good Manufacturing Practices. Our sanitation program is monitored and controlled using the latest in microbiological testing and bioluminescence to quantify the cleanliness of our operations. Overall, from picking, packing, shipping, and distribution, our food safety chain is secure and evolving to help product our customers.

Supplier Approval and Monitoring

With an ever-growing network of suppliers and our own growing operations across the globe, our food safety program ensures all product imported or received is screened out to ensure quality and adherence to Good Agricultural Practices. We work to enhance traceability and proper agricultural processes to minimize risk.