Sustainability / Environment

10 Things we do everyday for our environment

As we become increasingly more aware of the effects of industry on the environment, new ways of providing heat for our greenhouses become necessary. With this in mind, we’ve turned to biomass energy sources. Viewed as one of the main renewable energy sources of the future, biomass is virtually carbon-neutral and almost inexhaustible. Taking waste products generated from everyday living and efficiently converting them into energy while capturing the CO2 for our plants, the benefits from biomass are obvious.

  • 1. Plant run-off water is retrieved and is channeled into holding tanks.
  • 2. Water passes through a sand filtration system to trap any organic materials (ie algae) from contaminating the ecosystem.
  • 3. The water is then stored in a “clean” holding tank, ready to be used again.
  • 4. Elimination of pesticides.
  • 5. Protection of “at-risk” ecosystems and non-target species.
  • 6. Reductions of pollutants and high concentrations of chemicals entering the eco-system.
  • 7. Abundance of demolition / disaster wood and municipal waste.
  • 8. Landfills are not needed to discard of this waste.
  • 9. Emissions (CO2) are absorbed by plants.
  • 10. Promotes restoration of waste land.