Warehouse & Facility

Located in a strategic place allow us easy access to the major center of commerce and international trade in the United States, The International airport, and the Miami Port. Medley, Florida. This location helps us to ensure

We are responsible for the effective management of products and ensuring food safety at all levels of the supply chain. Our suppliers assure us of the quality of the product throughout the process until harvest. Afterward, the products are imported under all the parameters to arrive in good condition at our warehouse. Our handling ensures the correct rotation of inventory and the conservation under the appropriate temperatures of each product. We guarantee that the product reaches the final customer fresh and best quality.

In addition, our processes allow us to consistently and efficiently track our products from the point of origin to the final destination.


Product handling is an important part of assuring unadulterated produce. In order to maintain quality, bruising and damage must be minimized. We have people trained to handle our products in the warehouse and constantly working to improve our procedures. Vega Produce is certified as PrimusGFS, NON GMO, and NOP Certification. These certifications endorse all our efforts to properly manage our product and help us meet quality standards to supply different supermarket chains in the United States.