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Nutrition Facts

Serving size (85 g)
Amount per serving
Calories    20
Calories from Fat    0
Total Fat    0 g
Cholesterol    0 mg
Sodium    0 mg
Total Carbs    5 g
Dietary Fiber    2 g
Sugars    3 g
Protein    1 g
Vit A    0%
Vit C   2%
Calcium   0%
Iron   0%


Product Description

A small seed, mostly know in colors of red white and black. It can be cooked just like whole grains such as rice and barkely.
Quinoa is referred to as an ancient grain because they have remained largely unchanged for hundreds or even thousands of years
Quinoa was an important crop for the Inca Empire back in the day. Quinoa was known to the Incas as “the mother of all grains” and was first cultivated over 5000 years ago.
Quinoa is naturally gluten-free and contains iron, B-vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, vitamin E and fiber. It is one of only a few plant foods that are considered a complete protein and comprised of all pernine essential amino acids.

Origin: Colombia
Availability: Year-Round