• Unsweetened Shredded Coconut

    $4.50$35.00 /bag
    Shredded coconut are flaky, thin pieces. As a result, it is extremely easy to bake and decorate with. Additionally, this option facilitates adding mild coconut flavor and nutrition to baked goods. Availability: Year-Round    
  • Quinoa Red

    $3.99$4.99 /bag
    14 oz Quinoa is a seed that comes in red, white, and black. Can be cooked like whole grains such as rice. Most importantly, it is naturally gluten-free. One of the few plant foods considered a complete protein Origin: Colombia Availability: Year-Round
  • Radicchio

    $1.99 each
    Radicchio has deep red to purple leaves with bright white veins. The edges of the leaves are fairly thick and crisp. I It is eaten raw with just a bit of olive oil and salt, as well as mixed into a variety of salads. Origin: Guatemala Availability: Year-Round
  • Brazil Nuts Raw

    $7.50$212.25 /bag
    Brazil nuts are a great source of of healthful fats, fiber, and protein. Consuming these nuts help boost your heart health and brain function. Either cooked or raw they're proven to be a great snack. Origin: Brazil Availability: Year-Round  
  • 2 LB Bottle Soursops grow on evergreen trees that reach up to 9 meters tall with large, glossy, green leaves. The fruit are irregularly shaped ranging from oval to heart or kidney-shaped and are covered in small spiny protrusions. Origin: Colombia Availability: Year-Round
  • Cashews Raw

    $7.00$95.00 /bag
    Cashew seeds have a buttery, sweet and salty taste. Grown on cashew nut trees, native to Brazil. Raw, unsalted cashews are typically used in vegan recipes and when cooked, they turn into a snack. Origin: Brazil Availability: Year-Round    
  • Parvol

    $2.99 /bag
    8 oz Parvol is a popular vegetable in India. It is known there as a green potato and it resembles a small cucumber or squash. It is very versatile since it may be cooked in different ways such as boiled for soups, curried or fried. Origin: Dominican Republic Availability: Year-Round  
  • Baby Green Zucchini

    $2.99$5.19 /bag
    8 oz Baby Zucchini is similar to the mature version, only smaller. However, its flesh is more tender and the flavor is milder than the larger one. It serves a great source of vitamins and nutrients.
    Origin: Guatemala
    Availability: Year-Round
  • 8 oz
    The Habanero Orange is the ripe version of the green one. They take slower to develop compared to other habaneros. But the wait is worth while; the orange variety is 40 times hotter than a regular Jalapeno pepper. Resulting in one of the spiciest types in the world. For instance, its main use is to add heat to foods.
    Origin: Dominican Republic, Mexico, USA
    Availability: Year-Round
  • Super Happy Vega Box

    $50.00 / month
    • Bittermelon Chinese (1)
    • Bittermelon Indu (1)
    • Chive Flower (1 bunch)
    • Dosakai (1)
    • Squash Long (1)
    • Bean Guar (8 Oz)
    • Tamarind Sweet (8 Oz)
    • Plantain Matuki (2)
    • Pepino Melon (1)
    • Dragon Fruit Golden (2)
    • Malanga Coco (1)
    • Pumpking (1)
    • Root Yam Yellow (1)
    • Quinoa Red (14 oz)
    • Pepper Thai Chili Green (8 oz)
    • Pepper Habanero Mix (8 Oz)
    • Redicchio (1)
    • Aloe (1)
    2-4 People *Fruits & veggies are subject to change, but the product list above is representative for what our customers will receive this week!
  • Rosemary

    $1.89 /bag
    0.5 oz  Rosemary is harvested for its leaves, both dried and fresh and for its volatile oil. It is highly aromatic and releases aromas of pine, menthol and pepper. Origin: Colombia Availability: Year-Round
  • Thyme

    $1.81 /bag
    0.5 oz  Thyme retains its flavor better than most herbs when dried, but fresh thyme is still preferred. Thyme is an aromatic and widely used culinary herb that also happens to be the main ingredient in bouquet garni and one of the principle ingredients in Herbs de Provence. Origin: Colombia Availability: Year-Round


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