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The Cubanelle, also known as “Cuban pepper”, is a variety of sweet pepper of the species Capsicum Annuum. When unripe, it is light yellowish-green in color, but will turn bright red if allowed to ripen.

Origin: Mexico, U.S.
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Cubanelle peppers, also known as Italian frying peppers, are a mild and versatile variety that adds a delightful flavor to your meals. With their elongated shape and vibrant green color, these peppers are a staple in Mediterranean and Latin American cuisines. Whether you sauté, stuff, or roast them, these peppers bring a touch of sweetness and a hint of spice to your favorite dishes. Elevate your culinary creations with the fresh and vibrant flavor of these peppers. Unlock new culinary possibilities and savor the taste of these versatile peppers. Add some zest to your recipes with Cubanelle peppers today! Order now!

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