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Radicchio has deep red to purple leaves with bright white veins. The edges of the leaves are fairly thick and crisp. I It is eaten raw with just a bit of olive oil and salt, as well as mixed into a variety of salads.

Origin: Guatemala
Availability: Year-Round


Discover the exquisite taste of Radicchio, a versatile and nutrient-rich vegetable also known as Italian chicory. Its vibrant deep purple leaves, with a hint of bitterness, add a burst of color and flavor to your salads and dishes. Rich in essential vitamins and powerful antioxidants, Radicchio is a healthy choice for your well-being. Whether you sauté, grill, or enjoy it raw, this culinary gem brings a unique twist to your meals. Elevate your dining experience with the delightful Radicchio and savor the goodness it brings to your table. Taste the freshness, embrace the flavor, and indulge in a true culinary delight! Discover more gourmet vegetables with us!

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