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Rambutan is brownish seed is about two to three cm in size and is basally scarred. It is soft and crunchy. Although the raw seeds are poisonous, they may be eaten after cooking.

Origin: Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico
Availability: May – February

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Indulge in the exotic allure of rambutan, a tropical fruit that’s as delicious as it is unique. With its hairy, vibrant exterior and sweet, juicy interior, it is a tropical delight for your taste buds. Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, this delectable fruit not only tantalizes your palate but also nourishes your body. Whether enjoyed fresh, in fruit salads, or as a garnish for desserts, rambutan adds a burst of tropical flavor to your culinary adventures. Elevate your snacking and dining experience with this exotic gem from the heart of Southeast Asia. Try rambutan today and savor the taste of the tropics!

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