Five Green Coconut Box

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This variety of coconut is very accepted in the fitness world due to the nutrients and antioxidant mixes that may protect against cellular damage and heart disease.

Have you tried the green coconut? This is your opportunity! We are a reliable company that will deliver fresh and exotic fruit and vegetables right at your door!

Out of stock


Do you enjoy the green coconut? This subscription is for you! This green coconut box will be delivered weekly at your door; each order will be for five fresh green coconuts. Coconut is a tropical and delicious fruit.

This variety of coconut’s principal characteristic is the state of ripening. It is harvested still green and doesn’t have much maturing. Due to the state of development, you will find more percentage of water than meat on the inside. It is easy to use them to get coconut water, which makes them popular in parks or athlete spaces.

The water and meat of these coconuts are very nutritious; the antioxidants and refreshing capabilities make them the perfect gym food.

What are you waiting to subscribe to our green coconut box?

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