Persian Limes

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Persian limes are good for Digestion, Boost immune system, Healthy skin, Help prevent formation of kidney stones, Heart health. It can be used interchangeably for the same purposes as Key limes and lemons and is often used as a substitute for vinegar.

Origin: Colombia, Mexico
Availability: Year-Round


Persian limes are tropical fruits with a fragrant and mildly tart flavor, perfect for enhancing your dishes. They emit a less intense aroma compared to key limes, making them a versatile choice in cooking.

These vibrant green limes offer numerous health benefits. They aid digestion, boost the immune system, promote healthy skin, and help prevent kidney stone formation.

You can use these limes interchangeably with key limes and lemons. They make an ideal vinegar substitute, adding tanginess to dressings and marinades.

Enjoy the zesty and refreshing taste of Persian limes in a wide range of dishes, from salads and seafood to cocktails and desserts. Order now to elevate your culinary creations with these vibrant citrus gems!

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