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Discover a vibrant and diverse selection of exotic produce from around the world. We are proud to offer a range of specialty products that include tropical fruits, unique and tasty peppers, and exotic oriental vegetables.

At Vega Produce, we source our produce from trusted farmers, ensuring that you receive the freshest and highest quality products. We provide our customers with a unique selection of rare and exotic fruit and vegetable. Find out why our produce is a culinary adventure waiting to happen.

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    Yellow Squash

    $2.49 /pound
    Yellow Squash (summer squash), is a hot weather vegetable. Its picked in its immature stage. As a result, the squash has a thin, edible skin and sweet, soft flesh. It typically ranges in size from 6 to 8 inches long. Although, it can be smaller, depending on when you pick the fruit. Origin: Dominican Republic, USA Availability: Year-Round
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    The elongated Maradol Papaya resembles a football a big, yellowish-green football that can weigh four pounds or more. Inside, the flesh is sweet and reddish-orange with a center cavity filled with slippery black seeds Origin: Guatemala Availability: Year-Round
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    Hungarian Pepper

    $0.39 / bag
    8 oz
    Hungarian Pepper is another type of chili. When fully ripened, it turns a red-orange. Additionally, offering a sweet pepper flavor and heat that varies depending on maturity. Used in both fresh and cooked applications.
    Origin: USA
    Availability: Year-Round
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    8 oz
    Mini Sweet Peppers are thumb size peppers and measure about three inches tall and have a crisp texture. They are sweet and have very few seeds, so they produce very little waste.
    Origin: Dominican Republic
    Availability: Year-Round
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    Banana Manzano

    $0.59 each
    1 unit Banana Manzano (Apple Bananas) are distinguished by their size, texture, and flavor. The light cream colored flesh's texture is firm when young, growing to be tender and creamy when ripe. Origin: Colombia Availability: Year-Round
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    Lemon Grass

    $1.89 /pound
    Lemon Grass is a stalk that grows in bunches. Consists of a pink base, a green outer layer, and a white core. In the same vein, characterized by a mild citrus flavor. A common ingredient in soups, meat, and seafood dishes. Most importantly, filled with nutrients that keeps the body healthy.    
  • Jicama

    $3.86 each
    Jicama (yam bean), is a Mexican root vegetable. Commonly eaten raw, seasoned with lime and chili powder. Additionally, it has a sweet and starchy flavor. As a result, it can be eaten raw or cooked  
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    Avocado Hass

    $1.29 each
    The Avocado Hass is one of the most delicious varieties of avocado, with a rich creamy flesh and superior taste. Additionally, they have a pebbly skin that ripens from green to deep purple or nearly black. Origin: Dominican Republic, Florida Availability: Year Round  
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    Long Squash has a mild flavor which becomes increasingly bitter as it matures. Used most often in cooked applications. When young, it can be utilized with skin on or when more mature the skin can be removed for a more tender texture. Origin: Dominican Republic, Honduras, USA Availability: Year-Round
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    Turmeric White

    $1.19 /bag
    8 oz White Turmeric root resembles ginger in its shape and size. Each rhizome, or underground stem, is multi-branched with nearly transparent, pale-brown skin that will darken with maturity. Origin: Jamaica Availability: Year-Round
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    Wawa Choy

    $1.39 bunch
    Wawa Choy in Mandarin refers to "baby," which refers to the baby form of Napa Cabbage. It has greener outer leaves with white stalks. It has a sweet flavor and can replace Napa Cabbage in most recipes. Origin: USA Availability: Year-Round
  • Anaheim Pepper

    $1.99 /bag
    Anaheim Peppers are a mild variety of chili peppers. Therefore, the more heat it gets, the hotter it will be. This pepper gives extra flavor to any dish.
    Origin: USA
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    Pecans Raw

    $7.50$100.00 /bag
    Pecans Raw contain good fats that help lower cholesterol and improve cardiovascular health. They also contain a handful of healthy vitamins and minerals, including, but not limited to, vitamin E, vitamin A, and zinc. Availability: Year-Round  
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    $7.59 each
    Chirimoya or cherimoya, also known as custard apple or sugar apple in English, is a delicious fruit from South America. A single, medium-sized cherimoya fruit contains 30 milligrams of Vitamin C, providing about 35% of the daily recommended intake. Origin: Chile Availability: September- November
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    Hawaiian Papaya is encased in a gleaming sunny yellow skin when ripened to perfection. This scrumptious fruit is ripe when mostly yellow and soft to the touch. The pulp is a matching creamy yellow, delicately scented, and deliciously sweet. A mass of black seeds is encased in a gelatinous coating in the center. Often discarded, the seeds are edible. Crunchy and peppery, crushed seeds can be used as a mildly spicy condiment.
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    Get ready for a spine-tingling culinary journey as we bring you a selection of thrilling and flavorful recipes to make your Smoky Night truly unforgettable. Whether you're hosting a spooky gathering or simply looking to tantalize your taste buds with a touch of the extraordinary, our recipes are designed to delight.
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    8oz Finger Hot Pepper, is a small, thin chili variety.  They start out light green and ripen to red, and can be used fresh or dried. It's very hot. As a result, it adds great flavor and spice to many dishes. Perfect for those who love eye-watering hot food. Origin: Dominican Republic, Florida Availability: Year- Round    
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    Corn Yellow

    $0.69 each
    Yellow Corn is a variety of sweet corn. With kernels packed in tight almost uniform rows. At its peak ripeness, it's sweet, succulent, and the skin pops as you bite it. Origin: USA Availability: Year-Round
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    Yu Choy Sum

    $2.19 bunch
    Yu Choy Sum is made of dark green leaves with a lighter stalk. When ripe, it can be very tender and past this stage, it can become less desirable ad more fibrous. Origin: USA Availability: Year-Round
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    Coconut Specks

    $8.99 each
    16 oz Bag Our Coconut Specks are delicious and natural, made with real striped coconut. Coconut can be considered a complete food as it’s incredibly rich in vitamin E, antioxidants, and natural sugars. Origin: Colombia Availability: Year-Round  
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    $2.99 /bag
    8 oz Sunburst squash is a hybrid variety that has an odd but attractive shape.  It is mild flavored and can be sliced and added to a raw vegetable tray. Origin: Guatemala Availability: Year-Round  
  • Oregano

    $1.89 /bag
    0.5 oz  Oregano is a shrub-like herb with multiple-branched stems. Pair fresh and dried oregano with cured olives, sheep's milk cheeses, tomatoes, pork, lamb, potatoes, pasta and rices. Origin: Colombia Availability: Year-Round
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    Sweetened Shredded Coconut

    $4.50$35.00 /bag
    Shredded coconut are flaky, thin, sweetened pieces. As a result, it is extremely easy to bake and decorate with. Additionally, this option facilitates experiencing the delicious coconut flavor without needing to travel to the Caribbean. Availability: Year-Round    
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    Bok Choy

    $1.39 /bunch
    In the American markets it's commonly known as Baby Bok Choy, but unlike the Baby Bok Choy, the Shanghai Choy is completely green with a lighter stem. It has great flavor, can be very versatile, and has incredible health benefits. Origin: USA Availability: Year-Round


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