Long Squash Indu

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Long Squash has a mild flavor which becomes increasingly bitter as it matures. Used most often in cooked applications. When young, it can be utilized with skin on or when more mature the skin can be removed for a more tender texture.

Origin: Dominican Republic, Honduras, USA
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Indulge in the delightful flavor and versatility of Long Squash Indu, known for its tender texture and mild taste. Also referred to as Indian Squash or Lauki, this vegetable is a culinary staple in many cuisines. With its elongated shape and pale green skin, Indu Long Squash adds both visual appeal and nutrition to your dishes. Whether you’re sautéing, grilling, or using it in soups, this squash is a healthy choice that’s easy to prepare. Elevate your meals with this wholesome ingredient and savor the freshness it brings to your table. The best of all? You received directly at your door!

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