Thai White Eggplant

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White eggplant’s outer skin is smooth and bright white with one bulbous end that tapers slightly to a green calyx. Its cream-colored inner flesh is dense with edible white seeds. When cooked,  they’re creamy and mild, with a light sweet flavor.

Origin: Honduras
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Thai White Eggplant, also known as White Beauty Eggplant, is a unique and flavorful variety of eggplant. Its smooth and bright white skin gives it an appealing appearance, while the green calyx adds a touch of freshness. The inner flesh of this eggplant is creamy and dense, with edible white seeds that add a pleasant texture. When cooked, it transforms into a lusciously creamy and mild dish, delivering a delicate sweet flavor. Its versatility in various culinary creations makes it a favorite ingredient worldwide. Whether you’re stir-frying, grilling, or stewing, Thai White Eggplant is sure to elevate your dishes with its exceptional taste and texture.

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