Garlic 5 Pack

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Pack of 5

Garlic comes in its own individual wrapper. It is rich in vitamin C, phosphorus, and manganese. Garlic can be consumed raw or cooked.

Origin: Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Spain
Availability: Year-Round

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Introducing our Garlic 5 Pack Presentation – a collection of premium garlic bulbs carefully handpicked and packed for your culinary needs. Also known as “Allium sativum,” our fresh garlic adds a burst of rich, aromatic flavor to a wide range of dishes. Each bulb is plump, firm, and full of goodness. Elevate your cooking with the savory essence of our garlic, perfect for sauces, roasts, and more. Experience the true taste of fresh garlic and take your recipes to new heights. Don’t miss this opportunity to stock up on nature’s seasoning! Order now and savor the goodness of our Garlic 5 pack and other fresh vegetables!

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