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Thyme retains its flavor better than most herbs when dried, but fresh thyme is still preferred. Thyme is an aromatic and widely used culinary herb that also happens to be the main ingredient in bouquet garni and one of the principle ingredients in Herbs de Provence.

Origin: Colombia
Availability: Year-Round


Discover the wonders of Thyme, a beloved herb known for its earthy, peppery flavor that delights taste buds. Also called “Thymus,” our premium herb offers exceptional freshness and potent herbal properties, elevating your culinary creations. With its delightful essence, it effortlessly complements dishes, from hearty soups to succulent meats. Embrace the natural goodness of Thyme to unlock delightful tastes in your kitchen, and let its aromatic presence bring culinary magic to your recipes! Elevate your cooking with Thyme today! Order fresh herbs, vegetables and more with us and received it right at your door! Any question? Let us know, we will be happy to help!

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