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Rosemary is harvested for its leaves, both dried and fresh and for its volatile oil. It is highly aromatic and releases aromas of pine, menthol and pepper.

Origin: Colombia
Availability: Year-Round


Introducing Rosemary, also known as “Rosmarinus officinalis,” a beloved herb with a rich flavor and aromatic essence. Our carefully curated selection guarantees the finest, freshest Rosemary, perfect for enhancing your culinary creations. Originating from the Mediterranean, this versatile herb boasts a delightful pine-like fragrance and warm, earthy taste, making it a staple in various cuisines worldwide.

Unleash the full potential of your cooking with our premium Rosemary. Elevate your dishes with its exceptional qualities, from enhancing roasted vegetables to adding depth to grilled meats and sauces. Delight your taste buds with every bite! Enjoy all our fruit and vegetables in the comfy of your home!

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