Golden Berries, more commonly known as Rasbhari in India, is a small orange berry fruit. The healing properties that are attributed to Golden Berries, validate the therapeutic use it is given. In some countries, infusion with the leaves and the juice of the fruit is used for treating asthma, cancer, malaria, rheumatism, or skin diseases such as dermatitis.

High in Antioxidants

The most important benefits of golden berries are derived from their high antioxidant content. Antioxidants are plant compounds that protect against and repair the damage caused by free radicals, which are molecules linked to aging and diseases, such as cancer. This makes them an ideal nutritional supplement for preventing certain chronic diseases, including various types of cancers. Antioxidants, like the carotenoids and polyphenolic compounds found in golden berries, neutralize free radicals. These are the damaging by-products of cellular metabolism that causes healthy cells to transform into cancerous ones. Additional research has shown that polyphenols stop the spread of various types of cancer. This makes it a very important food source in many parts of the world. It’s what makes the golden berry a superfood.

Has Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

One of the other effects of antioxidants is a reduction in inflammation. If you have arthritis, gout, muscle aches, chronic pain, or even hemorrhoids, anti-inflammatory compounds soothe these conditions and increase your quality of life. In one study, an extract from the husk of golden berries reduced inflammation in mice with inflammatory bowel disease. Inflammation of the arteries and blood vessels is very dangerous for the cardiovascular system. Goldenberries improve heart health by reducing strain and preventing the development of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease. Impressive, right? It also effectively lowers blood pressure, further decreasing the symptoms of hypertension.

Diabetes management

Some of the compounds found within golden berries slow the breakdown and intake of simple sugars from carbohydrates. Hence consumption of the golden berries allows for the body and bloodstream to not be flooded with sugar. It also enables insulin receptors to be regulated appropriately. Drastic blood sugar fluctuations are the leading cause of diabetes. It can be very dangerous. The goldenberry is an effective preventative method and treatment for type 2 diabetes.

May Improve Vision

For those of you with weak eyesight, you may want to stock up on golden berries. Their high carotenoid content helps boost your vision. Carotenoids eliminate oxidative stress on the ocular system. This prevents the development of cataracts and macular degenerations. Which aids your vision in top working order as you age.

May Boost Immune system

Studies in human cells note that golden berries may help regulate your immune system. The fruit contains multiple polyphenols which block the release of certain inflammatory immune markers. The significant level of vitamin C in a single serving of golden berries makes this a very important fruit for the immune system. Vitamin C stimulates the production of white blood cells and has certain antioxidant properties. Vitamin C is also a key component in the production of collagen. This is what the body needs to repair and produce cells, tissues, organs, and blood vessels.

Useful for Weight loss

Golden Berries are also a guilt-free snack with only 53 calories per 100 grams. These tiny fruits also deliver a large percentage of your daily nutrients, without any fats or calories, helping to keep your weight loss goals on track.

May Fight Prostate Cancer

Cancer is one of the worst diseases in the world. But thanks to this wonderful and natural fruit, it is the only fruit that has been proven to combat prostate cancer, a common disease among mature and older men Studies have found the consumption of the golden berry directly from the garden, may help to fight prostate cancer.