Cachucha Pepper

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8 oz

Cachucha peppers look like a spicy habanero but without the heat. Sometimes this chile is called an aji dulce. But in South America aji dulce is quite hot. This pepper ripen from dark green to an orange-red when fully ripe.

Origin: Dominican Republic
Availability: Year Round



Cachucha peppers, also known as Aji Dulce or Sweet Habanero, are small, flavorful peppers with a mild heat and distinctive tropical flavor. Originating in the Caribbean, these peppers are popular in Latin American and Caribbean cuisines. They have a vibrant color, ranging from green to yellow, orange, or red when fully ripe. These peppers are perfect for adding a burst of flavor to your dishes, from salsas and sauces to stews and soups. Enjoy the unique taste of Cachucha peppers and elevate your creations. Spice up your meals with these delicious peppers today and experience a taste of the Caribbean!

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