Malanga White

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Malanga White is considered the true Malanga. It is a root vegetable.  The interior has a crisp texture and its color varies from cream to yellow to pink.

Origin: Costa Rica, Ecuador
Availability: Year-Round



Malanga White offers a unique taste and texture that enhances your dishes. Its smooth white flesh and earthy flavor make it a favorite ingredient in Caribbean and Latin American cuisine. You can boil, mash, fry, or use it in soups and stews to unlock its versatility. This nutritious vegetable is packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals, making it a healthy addition to your meals. Experience the distinct flavor and creamy texture of Malanga White as you elevate your cooking. Try it today and embark on a delicious and tropical culinary adventure with us! Order now and received it at your door!

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2 reviews for Malanga White

  1. Shirley Anderson

    These were available in a local store and I always like to try new products so wanted to try them out. First, I watched some videos online to see how to cook and eat them. Very important – several people mentioned that these yams can cause irritation to the skin so I just wore disposable gloves (as I do when cutting jalapenos). They peeled easily with a paring knife exposing the white flesh. It was different from a potato in that the juice had a texture which resembles okra so I was curious but interested in all this. I chunked them and boiled it like a potato for around 12-15 minutes until soft when tested in the middle. At that point, I treated them like mashed potatoes although there are many ways to eat them. Finally, they are very, very good! Much drier than a boiled white potato so it needed more milk than usual. The flavor is much closer to a white potato than a sweet potato. I topped with gravy and we all enjoyed this alternative vegetable. Very nice and I’ll purchase them again and prepare in one of the other methods.

  2. Wanda Cuadrado

    Thay are so delicious, we eat it with cod fish, boil, or in escabeche or combine with other tuberculous or roots. I am from PUERTO RICO and we eat a lot of them try the purple one Mmmmmmm.

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