Each year, on April 22, Earth Day is celebrated. It all started in 1970 with an environmental movement. So, in honor of this day, we wanted to give you some ideas on what you could do to take care of our planet.

Important Facts
  • 90% of waste is recyclable, only 10% is not.
  • 14 tree trunks are needed in order to produce 1 ton of virgin cardboard
  • 17 big trees are needed in order to produce 1 of paper
  • 70% of heavy metals that contaminate landfills come from electronic devices
  • 1,000 years is what it may take a plastic bag to decompose
How to Help


  • Your own coffee mug to work
  • Reusable bags to the grocery store
  • Your own water bottle everywhere you go


  • Excess bags and packaging when buying food or any product
  • Plastic utensils when eating
  • Plastic straws


  • Returnable containers
  • Containers made of recycled materials
  • Home containers made of glass or stainless steel