Aerobic Workouts

Cardiovascular training are the ones that include any kind of movement aimed at increasing your heart rate. As a result, you have to breath deeply while performing them. These types of exercises include running, swimming, riding a bike, or jumping. Even though weight lifting does increase heart rate, you don’t breath deeply long enough for it to be considered cardio.

Aerobic workouts help weight loss as you’re burning fat and calories. This type of exercise puts your metabolism into hyper-drive and makes you burn calories. Additionally, cardio improves the function of heart and lungs. This results in better performance throughout the day!

Strength Workouts

Building healthy muscle tissue is done by strength training. It doesn’t necessarily involve lifting weights. There are simple body weight exercises that qualify as strength training. Building muscle not only tones your body, but also helps you lose weight in the long run. Additionally, you increase the amount of lean tissue on your body. As a result, you’ll be burning more calories even when resting. Also, a toned, tight frame is more likely to have an efficient metabolism, resulting in better digestion and healthy bowel movement.

As we age, our metabolism gets slower, this is why strength training is so important. Building and maintaining muscle ensures that our metabolism doesn’t slow down too much and prevents excess weight gain.

Flexibility Exercises

Flexibility training is stretching. Even though this is the most neglected part of a workout, , it is actually very important. Stretching allows us to maintain a good range of motion in our joints. Additionally, it helps our muscles to remain loose and healthy. As a result, we experience less pain from tight muscles or from muscle imbalances.

One of stretching’s  greatest benefits is that it relieves stress. This helps emotional eaters. Additionally, it may help sleeping better at night. Studies show that people who are well rested are more likely to make better food choices than tired ones.