Chayote Green

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Chayote is a pear shaped, light green squash. It has a creamy white flesh, that becomes cottony as it matures. It is crunchy and very mild with a sweet taste, similar to cucumber. Additionally, it can be consumed raw or cooked.

Origin: Costa Rica
Availability: Year-Round



Chayote green, also known as vegetable pear or cidra, is a versatile and refreshing vegetable. Its vibrant green color, crisp texture, and mild, slightly sweet flavor make it perfect for various dishes. Use it in salads, stir-fries, or soups to add a burst of freshness and a delightful crunch. Green chayote is rich in essential nutrients like vitamin C and dietary fiber, supporting your overall well-being. Boost your digestion, immunity, and skin health with this nutritious vegetable. Discover the versatility of green chayote and elevate your recipes. Order now and enjoy its vibrant flavor and crispness in your favorite dishes!

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