Fuzzy Squash

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Fuzzy Squash has a thick skin covered in small white hairs. The skin is edible but the hairs should be removed, most people peel the skin away. It may be sliced, cubed for stir frying or used in soups.

Origin: Dominican Republic, Honduras, Guatemala
Availability: Year-Round



Fuzzy Squash, also known as Fuzzy Melon or Mo Gwa, is a delightful fruit originating from China but grown in various warm climates worldwide, including Southeast Asia, California, and Florida. Resembling a fuzzy zucchini, this edible gourd is a versatile ingredient in Asian cuisines. Whether stir-fried, stuffed, or steamed, this Squash adds a mild and refreshing taste to soups and other dishes. Don’t forget to remove the fuzz before cooking, as the tender flesh and edible seeds take center stage. Embrace the culinary adventure with Fuzzy Squash and unlock a world of delectable flavors. Elevate your cooking and savor the unique charm of this remarkable fruit.

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