Malanga Eddoe

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Malanga Eddoe Also called Eddoe, this species is native to China and Japan. It can grow in cooler and drier climates, which makes it a suitable crop in parts of North America. The corms are generally smaller and rounder resembling a striped, hairy potato.

Origin: Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador
Availability: Year-Round



Introducing Malanga Eddoe, a versatile root vegetable that delights with its delicious taste and culinary versatility. Also known as “Eddoe” or “Taro,” this tuberous vegetable holds a special place in many cuisines worldwide. With its creamy white flesh and mild, nutty flavor, you can incorporate Malanga into a myriad of dishes. From savoring crispy fries and hearty stews to relishing comforting soups and indulging in creamy purees, this ingredient offers endless culinary possibilities. Experience the unique texture and flavor of Malanga Eddoe as it elevates your meals, providing a wholesome and nutritious addition. Discover the true essence of farm-fresh produce and embrace the vibrant world of cooking possibilities.

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